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Modular Provides the Best Home Expansion Services in Toronto

Home expansions involve more than just adding on to your existing structure. While a home addition is the best way to expand your living space, people often forget that there is an entire process involved in adding a new part to your home. By selecting a company who can take care of all the paper work involved with home expansion, as well as do the actual construction themselves, you are saving major time, money and stress. The average person simply does not have the time or the know how to go about obtaining the proper permits for different types of construction work. Rules and regulations are constantly in flux. Too many people have been taken advantage of by contractors who will complete work, knowing that it will just have to be torn down and done again, as the homeowner does not have the correct building permits.

Modular strives to make your home renovations an easy and stress free experience. Therefore, not only will we take care of constructing your new home, we will take care of obtaining the proper permits so that we can safely begin construction with no risk to you, or your wallet. To further reduce the hassle, we can help you arrange financing for your project, which means we can get to work as soon as possible.
We can expand your square footage by adding a second story to your home, or we can attach a home addition to the lower level. We offer a variety of different templates for both the upper levels and the lower levels of your home. Upper levels usually consist of up to three new bedrooms and one bathroom. For your lower level, we can expand any particular area of your home. Some people opt to alter their kitchen or living room space, or to redesign their whole floor plan all together. Whatever choice is right for you, Modular can expand your home from 700 to 1000 square feet.

Beyond taking out the stress of obtaining building permits and arranging financing, the Modular home expansion process will not disrupt your everyday life. Unlike most construction companies who work on location, our additions are fabricated offsite in our environmentally controlled factories. Through this method, Modular can offer their services at a rate of up to thirty percent cheaper than companies who build in the traditional method.
When your home addition is ready, our professional team will come to your home, install the attachment to the existing structure and proceed to the roofing, dormers and exterior walls. Not only do our home additions look great inside, our skilled contractors can create an outdoor visual aesthetic that flows cohesively with the rest of your home.
The Modular process is truly second to none when it comes to home expansion. Our goal is to reduce stress and increase your satisfaction with your home. Call us today to find out how we can be of service to you.
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